Alaska Cruise Fishing

Cruise Ship Fishing Excursion Information

Also see Alaska fishing trip and Alaska guided fishing

alaska cruise fishing, cruise ship fishing excursion AlaskaOne of the more popular ways to visit Alaska is by cruise ship.  With most cruise ships hitting several different cities on each trip, there are lots of opportunities for fishing on an Alaska cruise

Encompassing nearly 34,000 miles of coastline, it can be argued that Alaska is best seen by ship.  Each year, thousands of cruise passengers come to Alaska's cities looking for adventure, sailing on many different cruise lines, including Holland America, Princess, Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, Regent, Norwegian, and Oceania.  And many of these visitors recognize that Alaska sport fishing is the ultimate Alaska cruise fishing experience.  

The main caveat of visiting Alaska by cruise ship is that visitors usually have only one day in which to visit each port.  This can prove problematic if passengers would like to fish for several species, but anglers will have a good chance of catching at least one type of fish based on the season when they visit.        

alaska cruise ship fishing excursion, alaska cruise fishingOne Day Alaska Cruise Fishing Trips

Many of the stops along an Alaskan cruise ship itinerary can include a fishing adventure.  Below are some ideas for one day fishing excursions for cruise ship passengers from some of the more popular cruise ports.

Sitka - Reserve a fishing charter boat and angle for king salmon and halibut on the open sea.

Seward - Enjoy the scenery of Seward from a charter boat while fishing for trophy size halibut.

Skagway -  Board a guided fishing boat and travel a few minutes from the shore to fish for king salmon.

Ketchikan - Take a charter boat out for king and silver salmon or just rent a pole and drop a line from Ketchikan's Creek Street Bridge.

Juneau - Take a boat ride and angle for silver and king salmon while experiencing the scenic coastline of the Juneau area.

Bringing Fish From Alaska Back Home

Most if not all cruise lines do not permit passengers to bring their fresh catch onboard the ship.  The good news is that passengers can have their catch preserved and shipped back home.  It's a very common practice, but can be expensive depending on the weight of the fish and the final destination of the package.  Anglers should be aware of preserving and shipping prices before deciding to keep any big fish.

Planning an Alaskan Cruise Trip

Several cruise lines travel on Alaskan itineraries.  Anglers should select an itinerary that covers the fishing locations in Alaska that offer the type of fish that they are interested in and then take their cruise during the fishing season when that type of fish is most plentiful.

Using a Local Charter Instead of a Cruise Ship Excursion

Passengers can choose to arrange a day of fishing on their own or do a cruise ship fishing excursion.  While some passengers prefer for the cruise line to handle everything, many cruise passengers avoid the high costs and crowds involved in cruise excursions by taking the planning into their own hands.  Local fishing guides and charter services offer daily fishing trips that can be cheaper, more personal and less crowded than cruise ship excursions.  Experienced anglers can also book special guided trips adjusted to their skill level rather than going through the basic information with a beginner group.