Alaska Fishing Locations

Want to know about Alaska's best fishing spots?

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Alaska is home to the most exciting, abundant and diverse fishing anywhere on the planet.  From deep saltwater halibut fishing to roadside stream fishing for salmon, the opportunities for fishing are endless in this vast state. 

alaska fishing locations, alaska fishing spotsThere are so many Alaska fishing locations that it's almost hard to go anywhere and not encounter sport fishery.  There's no denying that Alaska is the ultimate fishing wonderland for anglers.

For visitors who truly want to get away from it all, there are countless remote fishing spots in Alaska, but for the majority of visitors enjoy operating from a base city that offers varied fishing opportunities.  Certain cities stand out as excellent sport fishing destinations based on abundance and diversity of fish and accessibility.

Popular Alaska Fishing Spots

Fishing in Sitka

Saltwater fishing abounds in this city nestled between the Inside Passage and the Pacific Ocean.  Sitka is home to some of the largest recreational fisheries in Alaska.  Anglers will find opportunities to catch steelhead, halibut and every kind of salmon in Sitka.

Seward Fishing

Fishermen can enjoy superb fishing and scenic vistas of glaciers, forests and mountain peaks in Seward.  One of the most beautiful areas for fishing in all of Alaska, Seward offers excellent opportunities for shore fishing.  Halibut, silver salmon and king salmon can all be found in Seward.

Fishing Along the Kenai River

The most popular spot for fishing in Alaska, the Kenai River is the home of the largest runs of trophy king salmon.  Of the 10 largest king salmon ever caught in Alaska, 9 were hooked on the Kenai River.   Rainbow trout, red salmon and silver salmon can also be found there.

Homer Fishing

The scenic city of Homer is known as the Halibut Capital of Alaska and is a hub for saltwater fishing.  Fishermen regularly reel in 100 pound halibut in this area.  The Homer Jackpot Halibut Derby offers substantial prizes to anglers who hook especially big halibut.  Other fish species found in Homer include salmon and steelhead.

Fishing in Ketchikan

One of the few locations in Alaska where anglers can practically fish in the center of town, Ketchikan offers great fishing for salmon, halibut and trout.  Ketchikan is home to a large salmon hatchery where hundreds of thousands of salmon go to spawn each year. 

Juneau Fishing

Alaska's capital city provides varied opportunities for saltwater and freshwater fishing.  Almost all popular Alaskan fish species can be found in Juneau's waters.  Fishermen will find five types of salmon, steelhead, rainbow trout and halibut in this area.  Juneau is also home to one the oldest fishing derbies in Alaska.

Planning An Alaskan Fishing Trip 

The first steps in planning a fishing trip to Alaska are to determine what kind of fish is of interest, where to find it and what time of year is best for fishing in that area.  A good way to get started is by checking the peak fishing seasons and figuring out the best time to visit based on fish species of interest.  Then, because not every fish can be found everywhere, anglers should design their trips to include those locations where they can find desired fish. 

Once the time of year and fishing location is decided, fishermen can make reservations for lodges, fishing charters and gather more information on fishing in Alaska and which licenses are required.