Alaska Guided Fishing

Find out everything you need to get an Alaskan fishing guide

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guided fishing in Alaska, Alaska guided fishing tripThe sheer size and diverse terrain of Alaska requires that most fishing trips involve a fishing guide.  Even anglers who are experienced in fishing elsewhere will need help navigating the waters of the Last Frontier. 

Alaska fishing guides are varied and offer something for every skill level.  If anglers want an educational experience on their fishing trip, a wilderness guide is the best choice.  Experienced fishermen with a "do it yourself" attitude can rent their gear from local outfitters. 

Many fishing lodges offer expert fishing guides as part of a lodging package.  Fishermen should check with their lodge to find what is included.  For anglers who don't have a dedicated fishing guide as part of a lodge package, there are several types of fishing guides available.

guided fishing in alaska, Alaska guided fishing tripHalf Day to Full Day Fishing Guides In Alaska

Short term guides are by far the most popular and certainly the most flexible fishing guides.  Most short term fishing guides operate fishing trips that range from a half day to a few full days.  Visitors can find a half day fishing trip to fit into their schedule to get a taste of fishing in Alaska.  Half day or full day trips are very popular for Alaska cruise ship fishing excursions.  Short term fishing guides usually focus trips on a particular fish species, like king salmon.  These fishing guides generally provide all the gear that is needed, but don't often provide food or fishing licenses.  Short term fishing guide services can be found in most big cities and popular fishing areas. 

Alaska Wilderness Fishing Guides

For anglers who want the full "Alaska Experience," wilderness guides offer all inclusive fishing trips.  These seasoned fishing guides are a wealth of wilderness information and are often degreed and have certified training.  Fishing trips with wilderness guides give anglers the opportunity to fish in lesser-traveled areas where they encounter some of the best fishing in Alaska.  Fishing with a wilderness guide also allows the chance to learn a great deal about fish species and Alaska fishing in general.  Wilderness fishing guides can be found in most big cities.

Fishing Without a Guide In Alaska

For experienced fishermen, fishing without a guide can be an attractive option.  Anglers can rent nearly all of the equipment they need from one of Alaska's many outfitters.  Boats, waders, tents and fishing tackle can all be rented.  Using an outfitter instead of the full service of a fishing guide is generally less expensive.  It's a good idea for fishermen to arm themselves with a Alaska fishing guidebook when going it alone.  Anglers who fish without a guide should also be knowledgeable about the best gear to use when fishing for each species as well as wilderness survival and boat safety.