Fishing Lodges In Alaska

Want to find a great place for fishing and lodging in Alaska?

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fishing lodges in alaska, alaska fishing and lodgingWith thousands of fishing tourists coming to Alaska each year, numerous fishing lodges have been established to accommodate Alaska's visiting anglers. 

The fishing lodges in Alaska are varied and the accommodation ranges from primitive camping tents to cushy luxury suites complete with gourmet dining. 

The lodging that is chosen should be based on the type of trip that is desired.  For anglers who want to commune with nature, camping streamside is the ideal scenario.  Fishermen who want to catch their salmon and be pampered too will appreciate all that Alaska's luxury lodges offer.

Anglers should be aware that when booking Alaska fishing and lodging that fishing lodge costs usually don't include the cost of required Alaska fishing licenses.  Occasionally fishing trips (like float plane trips) are not included in the rate.  Transportation to the fishing lodge also may not be included.  Guests should check with their lodge to be sure of what is part of their lodging package and what items cost extra.

Alaska Luxury Fishing Lodges

fishing lodge in alaskaThese fishing lodges feature everything from hot tubs to satellite TV in the beauty of Alaska's wilderness.  Luxury fishing lodges are generally located in remote waterfront areas with easy access to good fishing.  Guests will experience gourmet cuisine, personal service and of course their own private bedrooms and baths.  Guided fishing in Alaska and float fishing trips are often included in the room rate as well as other activities like river rafting.  Anglers who stay at Alaska's luxury lodges certainly won't be "roughing it" in any way, but the rates at these properties can be expensive.  The rates for luxury fishing lodges typically range from around $2,000 weekly per person up to $6,000 weekly per person.

Affordable Alaska Fishing Lodges 

Though they don't offer the same level of facilities and service that luxury fishing lodges do, there are many affordable Alaskan fishing lodges that offer comfortable accommodations at a great value.  These lodges are more family oriented and less formal overall with family-style meals and shared cabins.  Like luxury lodges, affordable fishing lodges are usually located in remote areas of Alaska.  Often with this type of lodge there is more "real fishing" time each day.  Fishing trips are sometimes included but are often associated with additional charges.  Rates for these fishing lodges generally start at $1,600 per person and can go up to $3,000 per person on a weekly basis.

Alaska Fishing Camps

Fishing camps are best suited to anglers who enjoy the outdoors and have some previous camping experience.  Many of Alaska's fishing camps feature "bare bones" accommodations with bunk-style cabins or tents set up right at water's edge.  Camps might not have access to electricity or indoor plumbing and sometimes food is not included.  The advantages of fishing camps are 24 hour fishing opportunities, un-crowded fishing areas and the feeling of being close to nature and the "real" Alaska.  The price of fishing camps is another advantage with most weekly rates running from $1,000 to $2,500 per person.