Juneau Alaska Fishing Guide

Find out about derbies and other information for fishing in Juneau Alaska

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Juneau Alaska fishing, fishing in Juneau AlaskaThe capital of Alaska, Juneau offers bountiful waters and varied fishing opportunities.  Juneau Alaska fishing encompasses nearly every popular Alaskan fish species. 

Halibut, steelhead, rainbow trout and all types of salmon are all plentiful in the water around Juneau. 

Many of the capital city's activities are centered around fishing.  Juneau Alaska holds not one but two large salmon fishing derbies during the year and boasts a large salmon hatchery.  Anglers will find both educational and hands on experiences when fishing in Juneau Alaska

Like Sitka, Juneau is a large city land wise.  The city boundaries cover 3,100 square miles. 

This large land area provides lots of diverse fishing opportunities.  Juneau Alaska fishing includes roadside freshwater fishing, though it is primarily known as a saltwater fishing area.  Halibut and salmon are popular and plentiful choices for marine anglers.  The area has two well known salmon fishing derbies.  Juneau hosts the Spring King Salmon Derby in May and the Golden North Salmon Derby in early August. 

Salmon Fishing In Juneau Alaska At The Spring King Salmon Derby

Beginning in May, the Spring King Salmon Derby marks the start of big king salmon fishing in Juneau.  Tickets are sold to fishermen who want to compete.  The proceeds benefit the Tlingt-Haida Alumni Scholarship Assistance Program which helps fund college tuition for Alaskan students.  Recent winners reeled in king salmon weighing in at 34 to 38 pounds.  Prizes range from the $100's up to $8,000 depending on which place is won.

The Juneau Golden North Salmon Fishing Derby

Run for over 60 years, the Golden North Salmon Derby is a tradition in Juneau Alaska fishing.  When the derby starts in early August, hopeful Alaskan natives and tourist fishermen angle for silver and king salmon to win prizes.  The top prize is a whopping $15,000.  Prizes are awarded for the biggest fish and places go from 1st through 100th.  Fish that don't qualify for the top 100 are donated and sold to benefit the Territorial Sportsmen Scholarship Foundation.

Traveling to Juneau

Juneau is accessible by car from Canada and Haines, but most visitors come by air or sea.  Ferry service is offered by the Alaskan Marine Highway System from Skagway, Haines and Sitka.  Numerous cruise ships visit Juneau during the year bringing thousands of passengers into Juneau for tourism and Alaska cruise fishing opportunities.  Air service from Seattle to Juneau is offered by Alaska Airlines daily.  Small plane air service is easy to find and commonly used. 

Weather for fishing in Juneau Alaska

Anglers will find that the weather in Juneau is varied depending on where they are fishing.  For example, rainfall in downtown Juneau averages 94 inches per year, where rain in Mendenhall Valley only reaches 55 inches.  Temperatures in summer typically go from the upper 40's into the mid 60's.  Regular temperatures in winter range from the high teens to the high 30's.