Ketchikan Alaska Fishing Guide

Find out about halibut, trout and salmon fishing in Ketchikan Alaska

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Ketchikan Alaska fishing, Ketchikan Alaska fishing tripKetchikan Alaska fishing is ideal for both fresh and saltwater fishing opportunities.  Fish species found in Ketchikan include steelhead trout, rainbow trout and halibut.  But by far, Ketchikan Alaska fishing is best known for salmon.  In fact, Ketchikan is commonly called the Salmon Capital of Alaska. 

All five types of Pacific salmon (including kings and sockeyes) can be found in the area.  Each year, large numbers of Alaskan salmon pass through the waters surrounding the area on their way to spawning grounds.  This makes Ketchikan Alaska fishing pretty unique because it gives anglers a prime opportunity to catch these stream-bound fish. 

Fishermen will find that it's easy to get started fishing in Ketchikan.  Day visitors to Ketchikan can rent fishing poles and fish from the Creek Street Bridge or Mountain Point.  Several fishing guide companies operate halibut and salmon fishing trips from Ketchikan. 

Ketchikan is located on Revillagigedo Island and includes the areas of Prince of Wales Island and largely uninhabited Gravina Island.  Between the many creeks, rivers, lakes, inlets and bays in the area of Alaska, anglers will find one of a kind fishing experiences.  Interested fishermen can view and learn about king and silver salmon at the Deer Mountain Hatchery.  Salmon come back to the hatchery each year to spawn.  When too many fish return the state allows locals to do dipnet fishing in Ketchikan Creek.

Ketchikan Alaska Fishing History

Fishing in Ketchikan Alaska goes all the way back to the fishing camps of Tlingit natives and the commercial fishing industry that boomed in the early 1900's.   One of the first salmon canneries in Alaska was built in Ketchikan in 1885 and in the 1930's there were 7 canneries in operation.  Throughout the early 1900's, salmon fishing flourished and was a big business in Ketchikan.  Unfortunately, overfishing led to the depletion of salmon stock and the fishing industry crashed in the 1940's.  Today the fish population has recovered and Ketchikan is again a bountiful fishing spot.  

Getting to Ketchikan

Travelers can reach Ketchikan by air and by ferry.  The Alaskan Marine Highway System provides ferry service into Ketchikan from Prince Rupert, Canada and Bellingham, Washington.  Flights to Ketchikan from Juneau, Wrangell, Sitka, Petersburg, Anchorage and Seattle are readily available through Alaska Airlines.  Air taxi operators offer service into Ketchikan from several Alaskan cities.  Ketchikan is also a frequent stop on many Alaska cruise itineraries and a popular spot for Alaska cruise fishing.

Ketchikan's Weather

Fishermen will find that the weather in Ketchikan requires raingear nearly every day.  Ketchikan is one of the wettest areas in Alaska with about 156 inches of rain annually.  Frequent rainfall aside, the weather in Ketchikan is fairly comfortable.  Summer temperatures average from the middle 40's to the middle 60's.  Typical winter temperatures are from the high 20's through the low 40's.